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SDSoC Adopter Class

Combines Vivado HLS and Embedded C/C++ SDSoC Development Environment & Methodology

SPECIAL OFFER: Delegates who attend the SDSoC Workshop day of this training class will receive a complimentary voucher to download the Xilinx SDSoC Development Kit worth $995.
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Course Description

This 3 day combination training course provides the project-ready skills necessary to exploit the SDSoC Development Environment to create accelerated systems.

It combines training on Vivado HLS with a practical workshop using the SDSoC environment itself.

Full details of the two constituent training modules can be viewed using these links:

Training Duration

3 days

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in quickly adding hardware acceleration to a software system.

  • Understanding of Zynq®-7000 architecture (with emphasis on ACP, HP ports and internal routing)
  • Comfort with the C programming language
Software Tools
  • SDSoC development environment 2015.2
  • Architecture: Zynq-7000 SoC*
  • Demo board: Zynq-7000 SoC ZC702 or ZedBoard*

* This course focuses on the Zynq-7000 SoC. Check with Doulos for the specifics of the in-class lab board or other customizations.

Skills Gained

After completing this comprehensive training, you will know how to:

  • Enhance productivity using Vivado HLS (high-level synthesis)
  • Describe the high-level synthesis flow
  • Use Vivado HLS for a first project
  • Identify the importance of the testbench
  • Use directives to improve performance and area and select RTL interfaces
  • Identify common coding pitfalls as well as methods for improving code for RTL/hardware
  • Perform system-level integration of blocks generated by Vivado HLS
  • Identify candidate functions for hardware acceleration by using the TCF profiling tool
  • Use the System Debugger's capabilities to control the execution flow and examine memory and variables during a debug session
  • Move designated software functions to hardware and estimate the performance of the accelerator and the effect on the entire system
  • Override tool defaults to improve the performance of the individual accelerators and the overall system
Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to High-Level Synthesis and Vivado HLS
  • Using Vivado HLS: GUI Flow
  • Lab 1: Introduction to the Vivado HLS Tool Flow
  • Vivado HLS Command Line Interface
  • Lab 2 Introduction to the Vivado HLS CLI Flow
  • Optimizing for Latency
  • Lab 3: The Impact of Unrolling Loops


Day 2

  • Optimizing for Throughput
  • Lab 4: Optimizing for Throughput
  • Optimizing Arrays
  • Lab 5: Handling Memories
  • Optimizing for Area
  • I/O Interfaces
  • Lab 6: Embedded System Integration
  • Vivado HLS: C Code
  • Lab 7: Matrix Multiplication


Day 3 (SDSoC Workshop)

    • Course Introduction
    • Zynq AP SoC Architecture Support for Accelerators [Optional]
    • Software Overview [Optional]
    • SDSoC Tool Overview {Lecture, Demos, Lab}
    • SDSoC Design Best Practices {Lecture, Demo}
    • Profiling {Lecture, Demo, Lab}
    • Debugging {Lecture, Demo, Lab}
    • Understanding Estimations {Lecture, Demo, Lab}
    • Blocking vs. Non-Blocking Implementations {Lecture, Lab}
    • Multiple Accelerators {Lecture, Lab}

Delegates who attend Day 3 of this training will receive a complimentary voucher
to download the Xilinx SDSoC Development Kit worth $995.

Course Dates

18 Nov 2020 Ringwood, UK Enquire

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