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Engineers tackling designs using Xilinx devices and tools now have a much needed answer to their design problems. Doulos' professional designer program delivers the best combination of HDL, design flow and technical training modules to optimize your Xilinx-based designs.

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Vivado Training


Whether you have previous experience of Xilinx devices or not, Doulos provides optimized training to help you get up to speed with the Vivado Design Suite with Face-to-Face and Live Online training options.

Choose from the options below to view the suggested learning path - or contact Doulos now to discuss your specific requirements for Vivado.

Vivado Adopter Program

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New SDSoC Training Available

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Progress to project readiness in using the SDSoC™ Development Environment from Xilinx to quickly create accelerated systems with the following training courses from Doulos. Click the course titles below to find out more about:


The complete Zynq training program

Doulos provides a full range of Zynq classes incorporating a unique combination of ARM® and Embedded Software Training to help you maximise the potential of this innovative platform.

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Doulos' Xilinx training credentials

A Xilinx Authorized Training Provider, Doulos has been delivering FPGA-specific VHDL training since 1997, and Xilinx-specific training and FPGA design project services since 1999. Doulos has developed a reputation for instigating co-operative solutions with other Xilinx ATPs, Xilinx distributors and account managers to ensure our customers benefit from the best possible training and support solutions, wherever they are located.

Training programmes for Xilinx-based designs

Language Training

  • Learning PathComprehensive VHDL (5 days)
    Comprehensive VHDL has been the industry's gold standard VHDL training class since 1991. It is quite simply the fastest, most effective way to get project-ready. You'll gain the expertise you need to write efficient, re-usable RTL code, and create test benches powerful enough to cope with complex designs.

    Comprehensive VHDL comprises 2 modules:

    • VHDL for Designers (days 1-3)
      Prepares the engineer for practical project readiness for FPGA designs. While the emphasis is on the practical VHDL-to-hardware flow for FPGA devices, this module also provides the essential foundation needed by ASIC and FPGA designers wishing to apply the more advanced features of VHDL covered in the next module. Delegates targeting FPGAs will take away a flexible project infra-structure which includes a set of scripts, example designs, modules and constraint files to use, adapt and extend on their own projects.
    • Advanced VHDL (days 4-5)
      Builds on the foundation of the previous module to prepare the engineer for complex FPGA or ASIC design. It focuses on the use of VHDL for large hierarchical designs, design re-use, and the creation of more powerful test benches.

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  • Learning PathExpert VHDL (5 days)
    Expert VHDL has become essential training for engineers working on large or complex designs. Without it, efficiency and productivity can suffer, causing time-to-market and development costs to increase.

    Expert VHDL is presented in two modules.

    • Expert VHDL Design (days 1-2) teaches you to write better, more efficient code that is easier to maintain and re-use.
    • Expert VHDL Verification (days 3-5) shows you how to speed up and improve design verification; make testbench writing easier and more effective for even the most complex testbenches, and create behavioural models to make tests run faster.

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Xilinx Training

Client support

Doulos Project Services is a powerful resource giving your company rapid access to expertise for direct use on project issues. A wide range of packages exist to assist you through all stages of methodology and language decision making, integration and design use. All our packages can be provided with the flexibility to provide support exactly when required, maximising the benefit to cost ratio. More >>