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ARM Cortex-R4 Software Design

Standard Level - 4 days

ARM Cortex-R4 Software Design is a 4-day comprehensive class that introduces the ARM® Cortex®-R4 architecture and the ARM development systems.

Software engineers designing applications for platforms based around the ARM Cortex-R4 processor Core.

Delegates should have a basic understanding of microprocessor systems and be familiar with assembler or C programming. A basic awareness of ARM and experience of embedded system development is helpful, but not essential.

This class uses training materials developed by ARM®

Day 1

Introduction to the ARM Architecture

Architecture versions • Registers and instruction sets • Exception model • Memory model • Coprocessors • Architecture extensions 

ARM Tools Overview

ARM DS-5 • Tool Licensing • GNU and ABI • Debug Interfaces 

Assembler Programming for ARM Processors

Load/Store Instructions • Data Processing Instructions • Flow Control • Miscellaneous • DSP 

Day 2


Exception Handling

Exceptions overview • Interrupts sources and priorities • Abort Handlers • SVC Handlers • Undef Handlers • Reset Handlers 

ARM Caches and TCMs

Cache basics • Caches on ARM processors • Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM) • Optimization consideration 

Using the MPU

Memory Management Introduction • Access Permissions and Types • Memory Protection Unit (MPU) • Optimizations & Issues 


Atomicity • LDREX/STREX Uses • Mutex Implementation 


Data barriers • Instruction barriers 

Day 3


Software Engineers' Guide to the Cortex-R4

Introduction • L1 memory system 

Power Management for Cortex-A/R Cores

Processor Power Consumption • Power Modes • NEON and MPCore 

C/C++ Compiler Hints & Tips

Basic Compilation • Compiler Optimizations • Coding Considerations • Local and Global Data issues 

Linker & Libraries Hints & Tips

Linking Basics • System and User Libraries • Veneers and Interworking • Linker Optimizations and Diagnostics • ARM Supplied Libraries 

Day 4


Further Compiler/Linker Hints & Tips

Mixing C/C++ and Assembler • Stack Issues • VFP/NEON • Advanced Building Facilities 

Embedded Software Development

An "Out-of-the-box" build • Tailoring the C library to your target • Tailoring image memory map to your target • Reset and Initialization • Further memory map considerations • Building and debugging your image 

Debug and Profiling

Invasive Debug • Non-Invasive Debug • PMU • Trace 



GIC Programming

Distributor and CPU Interfaces • How to enable and configure interrupts • How to handle interrupts • How to send software interrupts • Security Extensions

The learning is reinforced with practical exercises using the GCC software development tool-chain and covers advanced topics such as Arm/Thumb2 assembly, writing low level device drivers, exception handlers and linker scripts.

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